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A Better Burger

We do not eat red meat often but there are times that I just want a burger. Last night was one of those times. Of course I had no buns, but that didn't stop me. Who need the carbs anyway?
By the end of the week, I often have bits and pieces of  onion and bell peppers in my crisper. I decided that these would be perfect for topping the burger. While these were slowing sauteing in my cast iron skillet I grabbed a bag of arugula, my new favorite green, again, and a handful of cherry tomatoes. With the tomatoes quartered and generously salted I added a couple of handfuls of arugula and gave the mix a good toss.
Not wanting to heat up the grill for two burgers I threw them in the cast iron skillet along with the onions and peppers.  Once the burgers were done, the onions and bell peppers were piled on, with the  arugula and tomatoes finishing it. I got a bit carried away with my arugula, so it's hard to see the burger. This was the perfect way to fill my burger craving while making…

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