Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthdays and Red Velvet Cake

Last Monday was the hubby's birthday (the son, Jack's birthday was the day before) so I decided that I would make a Red Velvet Cake to mark the occasion. Here is where I post the disclaimer...cakes that require icing, other than sheet cakes, are almost guaranteed to not resemble a cake when I am finished with them. My grandmother, mother, and favorite aunt were great cake bakers and icers, but unfortunately I did not inherit that gene!

I used a recipe that was from a Viking Class I taught. You might be wondering how I taught a class about cakes and can't ice them worth a flip. Easy, I didn't have to ice the cakes, the students did! I only had to talk them  through it and believe me I'm good at that!

Here's what the recipe looks like when I teach a class. I make lots of notes and highlight stuff. There is a second page to it, but I won't bore you with it.

I gathered all of my ingredients.

And went to work. I bundled all of the inbetween pictures together to speed things along.

And wahlah, the finished product.

See what I mean? I just can't ice a cake! Oh well, it tasted great and that's all that mattered!

Happy Birthday, Reg!

Oh, and I am more that happy to share the recipe. Just drop me a line.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cooking and Teaching Like Crazy

Oh my goodness!! What a crazy last couple of months it has been! How can it be July already??? 

May and June were really busy months for me. I started cooking for a new client, who is trying a vegan diet, and it has been interesting. For the most part I am preparing vegetarian meals for her, but I have been trying my hand with some true vegan recipes. I love learning new things about foods and cooking!

Teaching at Viking was pretty non-stop as well. Between the six-week Viking Unitversity series, Kid's Camp and regular glasses, I spent a great deal of time in the teaching kitchen.

Let me tell you about the Viking University series. It is designed to teach specific skills each week to the same group of students. Week One was knife skills and I am proud to report that no one cut themselves! Week Two was Stock, Soups and Sauces. Week Three: Roasting and Baking. Week Four: Sauteing, Frying and Stir-Frying. Week Five: Grilling and Broiling. Week Six: Braising, Boiling, Poaching and Steaming. By week two the class had come together like they had known each other for years.  We laughed and traded stories for the next five weeks. What a great class, and so much fun! I looked forward to seeing them on Thursday mornings. They presented me with a beautiful bouquest of flowers during our last class. Imagine my surprise! And from what I heard from the Viking staff, this was a first.

Here's a picture of the group.