Celebrating 60!

A couple of weekends ago I was asked to cater a party for a neighbor's 60th birthday. The hostess was finding herself a bit overwhelmed with the thought of preparing more than a couple of dishes for 35 people so I gladly joined in.

The hostess prepared a beef tenderloin that was thinly sliced and served with a trio of mustard and sauces and a wonderful tabbouleh salad. I rounded out the food with:

Cheese and Meat Board

Sweet Onion and Bay Leaf Marinated Shrimp

Mediterranean White Bean Salad

Tomato and Corn Bites

I also prepared a mixed olive tapenade served with pita bread and cheesecake fingers. Sorry, no pictures! To finish the evening we had both a German Chocolate Cake and Caramel Cake.

Much to my surprise I received the beautiful flowers pictured below a few days after the party. The birthday boy is a pilot for Delta and he had flown in from a trip to Hawaii that morning. Certainly gives new meaning to fresh flowers!


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