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Do you menu plan? Recipes all over the place?

Do you plan your menu each week? Are your recipes stored in multiple places? Would you like to become more organized? Read on! A fellow personal chef, Chef Tamara  turned me onto Plan to Eat, an online menu repository and planning app. I have been using it for about two months now and I love it. I am able to take recipes from Pinterest and other online sites and drop them into Plan to Eat. For my go-to recipes that are in hard print, I type them in the menu template. Having my recipes in one place is fabulous. When I am ready to plan for the week I simply go to the website, select my recipes and drop them into a weekly calendar. My shopping list is generated from the recipes selected. I can pull up the recipes and shopping list on my phone, or I can print it. I love to know what I am going to cook. It makes life so much simpler. It also makes my grocery shopping easier with fewer 'extra' items ending up in my basket. Below are three screenshots from the plan to Eat we

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