3rd Annual Brown Bag Challenge

Yesterday the staff of the R. Kirk Landon Child Learning Center participated in the 3rd Annual Brown Bag Challenge. As always, they were up to the task of preparing a dish from the ingredients they found in the brown bag. The challenge for me was to insure that the dish could be prepared within 45 minutes with little or no cooking.

Here is what each group prepared.

Upper left: Chocolate cover strawberry cookie bites
Middle Left: Apple, feta, walnut, and cranberries lettuce bites
Lower Left: Apricot drizzled Camembert with toasted baguette slices
Upper right: Inside out BLT's
Lover right: Hummus and Greek yogurt cucumber bites

I am always intrigued and wonderfully surprised by what the teams come up with.Two of the five were close to what I had in mind when I put the bags together. From the other three teams, I have learned a few new tricks!


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