Homemade Hawaiian Vanilla

 While in Hawaii last week we went to the Hawaiian Vanilla Company  in Paauilo. What a treat it was! It is a small company but they have a wide variety of vanilla items. From vanllia beans, to vanilla rubs and a line of lotions and soaps. They also have a small concession that sells vanilla refreshments! I have vanilla lemonaide!

I walked away with several of their items, one being vanilla beans. I decided to get the beans that were in their bottle so I could make my own vanilla.

It's a very simple process, but one that requires time an patience. Choose the alcohol of your choice, I chose vodka, split the beans and pour the alcohol into the bottle. Screw the top back on and place in a dark place for at least six months. Then wait. Keep topping your bottle off as you use the vanilla and you'll have vanilla for years!

Check out the Hawaiian Vanilla Company website. They do ship and I am sure that I'll be ordering more of their wonderful products soon.
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  1. Glad to see you back Lana! Hawaii sounds like a lot of fun to me!


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