Baked Ratatouille with Goat Cheese

I really have been trying to go meatless on Monday's, but have not been as successful as I would like. However, yesterday was one of those successful days and we had a fabulous dish thanks to Chef Nancy Waldeck.

I subscribe to Chef Nancy's "The Friday 4" and last week her recipe was for Baked Ratatouille with Goat Cheese. I have had, and prepared, many versions of ratatouille, but never one that was baked. So on Sunday, as I was planning our weekly menu, another hit or miss activity, I decided that we would go meatless on Monday and have this dish.

After an appointment yesterday morning, I hit our brand new Fresh Market and picked up some zucchini and a beautiful egg plant, the stars of the recipe. I also grabbed a cylinder of creamy goat cheese. I was stoked. I love anything with goat cheese in it!

I got into my kitchen about 4:30 pm thinking that I'd get everything ready to pop in the oven about 5. I knew it would take about and hour or so to cook. That's when I read the entire recipe. I always tell the students in the cooking classes that I teach to read the recipe in its entirety before starting, but I didn't. See, the zucchini and eggplant had to be roasted before they were baked...something that I almost missed because I didn't follow my own advice. So we ate a little later than usual last night, but it was well worth the wait.

Here's the link for you to get the recipe Taste and Savor. Sign up for Chef Nancy's "The Friday Five" while you are there. Chef Nancy really knows her wine too and there is usually a pairing that is perfect with the dish of the the week.

I added my own little spin on the recipe by adding yellow peppers. I had a piece in the crisper that was just this side of gone, so I sliced it and threw it in to roast with the other vegetables. I used San Marzano marinara sauce, but Chef Nancy's gives you a great quick and easy tomato sauce recipe you might want to try.

The dish was perfect! The creamy goat cheese added just the right amount of tanginess and melted in your mouth. I paired the dish with a fresh crusty baguette and a salad.

And the husband said it's a "keeper". Guess we'll be seeing this dish again.

Thanks Chef Nancy!


  1. Lana - Love the idea of putting in the yellow pepper from the crisper drawer. When I was cooking in Europe, we never threw away anything, I say the more veggies the better. I always threaten to have "RTR" read-the-recipe tattooed on my forehead, and then I forget my own advice:) I am so glad you liked the recipe - a kudo from you is high praise!

  2. We make this in Greece as well and we do add peppers too. Yours looks delicious Lana!

  3. Mmm, roasted vegetables, goat cheese, AND ratatouille--sounds like you CAN'T go wrong!! YUM.


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