Another Year Older

As we begin another new year, I am fast approaching another milestone myself...yet another birthday. I don't mind getting older.  In fact I find it hard to believe that I am as old as I am.  Just how did I get here so quickly?  It seems like just a few years ago I married my best friend and our son was born, when it has been almost 31 and 28 years ago respectively.  Where has the time gone?

I have always prided myself on being in good physical shape and health.  After all I did run a marathon in 2009. However my annual physical has revealed that while my mind is still 23 my body is not.  And I just hate that!  Old age is creeping up on me. So for the first time in my life I find that I can no longer do some of the activities that I enjoy such as running.  With osteoarthritis in both hips, my doctor has put the kibosh on running. So power walking and cycling will become my new sports.  That and a daily dose of Celebrex!

This year will find me making some modifications in my diet as well due to genetically high cholesterol.  We have been able to manage it pretty well  without medication up to this point, but a 20 point increase in the LDL count and a 10 point decrease in the HDL count has raised the eyebrows of my doctor.  I have always been pretty conscious of what I am eating, but something has changed this year.  So adding yet another medication to the mix (I just hate taking medicine!) and being even more attune to my diet is the plan for dealing with this latest issue.  We, my dear husband and I, are going to be one week a month vegetarians, eat more fish and chicken, limit the red meat, which we don't eat much of now, ration the ice cream (damn!) and see if we can slow the aging process a bit. I hate this getting old thing!

I am determined not to let these things bring me down or change how I live.  I have too much living to do yet.  As my wonderful husband so often says, having a positive mental attitude makes all the difference in the world and since I am a "glass 3/4 full" kind of girl then I'm off to a great start.

Wishing you a wonderful 2010!