Springtime in January

I have the great fortune to be spending a few days in California with my niece, escaping the sunny but cold temperatures of Atlanta. Capri's and short sleeves are the dress of the day.

Tomorrow my niece and her mom, my sister, and I will fly to Phoenix so that she and I can run in the Phoenix marathon. This will be my first and my sister's seventh. I have trained hard since June and am looking forward to the challenge. My goal is to finish with no injuries, regardless of the time. Our plan is to complete it in 5 1/2 hours.

When I began this adventure I could not imagine running for that length of time. I still can't, but today I know that it is possible. I have had some physical challenges that has not always made training easy, but I stuck with it and know that when I cross the finish line on Sunday I will feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

Will I do it again? It's hard to tell. I like the results of constant training so as I begin celebrating my 53rd year on this planet, I'll say it's a distinct possiblity.