Back to Reality

As I sit huddled in a hooded sweatshirt, a mug of steaming tea at my elbow, and a heater at my feet, I realize that I am once again back in my real life. My big adventure of running the Phoenix Marathon has been completed and the good news is that I finished on under my own power, thanks my awesome sister, who was a fantastic coach.

So today, I will once again get to the business of growing my business. I had a pretty good December and February looks promising, but I know that I have to be more proactive than I was in '08. True, much of a personal chef's business comes from referrals, but one can't count only on those referrals to keep the income coming. Face to face interaction is important. Making your services known to other businesses is critical. Having your name the first one they think of when they have a need is the goal. Even in today's tough economic times there is a market for personal chef services. You just have to do the footwork to find it. And so another type of race begins...