Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Post or Not...

I have been trying to learn how to set up a blog and link it to my website for the past 18 months, with little luck. Maybe this time will be better than the last. Why do I want to blog, well who doesn't? Of course I wonder who would want to read my blog? Maybe no one. I'm sure that I can get my family and friends to check it out, but beyond that it's up for grabs So here goes...

My love for cooking began long ago. I grew up on a farm in south Texas and we raised much of what we ate. I learned that there is no comparison between an ear of corn that came from the grocery and one that you picked and shucked yourself. I guess you could call my childhood cuisine "homegrown southern".

I married after college and joined the ranks of the millions of military wives that came before me. My husband's family is from New Jersey and their cooking style was much different that what I grew up with...and I loved it! I carefully watched my mother-in-law when we visited and took from those times new recipes and methods of cooking. Over the next 30 years I developed my own cooking style. I am still learning new things and am having a blast! May I never stop learning.

Okay, post one is in the books!


  1. Oh, Lana, this blog is lovely! You write well and I look forward to following it. We should get together for lunch soon! Nancy

  2. Hi Lana - wow, what fun! I love your website along with your blog for a personal touch. So professional :) See you soon! Tracy